Experienced just last week, the small game provider MrSlotty experienced issued with 2 of the games they offer, rewarding users max win (1500x) on every spin, regardless of the bet size.

Almost every site experienced this, and damage could be up in the millions. The game provider itself was very slow in acting in turning off the games once it was known by everyone, but the casinos where fast in turning it off once they saw weird game behavior.

No statement has been given by the game provider, and this might end up with every casino turning them off as the trust in their business practice and due diligence to quality testing of their games will not give them enough reward for their risk. This would mean MrSlotty might have to close down business as they would have no players playing their slots.

The 2 games in questions where Quarantine and Cleopatra 18+. You would simply open the game and spin the slot, where you would earn 1500x on every spin. Take a look below how the big winners tab was displayed on 1 casino.

MrSlotty slot provider probably just made it a lot harder for the whole provider industry to enter as a new player, as every casino will be more causious on what provider gets to be enabled, integrated and even promoted.

No comment was given from either mrslotty or providers on what the next course of action is, and if operators will receive a refund or not.

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