Mascot Gaming under fire for refusing refunds

During March, Mascot Gaming learnt they have had an open exploit available on some of their older games allowing users to bet without any balance being taken from the user, essentially users could bet for free.

Its not clear how long this exploit has been going for but messages was given to operators during March that they had found this issue and fixed it. The damages from this not is clear either, as none of the operators we contacted with Mascot Gaming enabled wanted to specify.

As whenever this happens, we got a message that Mascot does not want to actually pay out what operators lost.

We reached out to an operator to hear what they had to say:

” We got the message that we were one of the operators affected, and after speaking to Mascot they didn’t seem to have any interest in paying back what their technical exploit lost us ”

This seems to be the norm from a lot of smaller game providers, where instead of paying back what they owe, they attempt to get operators to agree to other deals or half-way refunds.

In October we saw the same thing happen with Yggdrasil, and what happened is that every crypto operator disabled the game provider completely, leaving them with a lot less traffic that probably hurts more in the long run.

The business practice might hurt Mascot should they continue this way and operators decide to do the same as with Yggdrasil, which will affect their income and shareholders. We hope smaller game providers take thing seriously to stop being blacklisted in the casino industry as we would love to see more quality games in the space with unique ideas.

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